Furniture Transportation - Linking Sydney to the Central West

Central West Furniture Transport & Storage offer a range of furniture transport and storage solutions in New South Wales.  Local knowledge and attention to detail ensures unrivalled customer service.


  • Domestic furniture Transport – no job too small
  • Bulk transport – we can deliver any size of furniture.  Weekly services from Sydney and regular pickups from Melbourne.  Choice of large or small vans depending on project needs.  Delivery options from large outlets to remote stores.
  • Direct links with all reputable furniture retailers. 
  • All size projects catered for – small or large

Our staff will be happy to discuss your individual needs


  • We have depots in Melbourne, Syndney and Orange and offer temporary storage solutions.
  • Facility for rural stores with limited on-site space to store stock. 
  • Delivery options also available. 

Prompt service

Central West Furniture Transport Service delivery utility Central West Furniture Transport Service delivery van

Here at Central West Furniture Transport & Storage, we understand that you don't have all day to wait around for us. This is why we guarantee that we will show up to each job on time. Once we arrive you can expect us to work quickly and get your furniture to where you want it to be promptly. Our transportation team is very experienced and have developed efficient methods to moving.

Some of our satisfied customers: